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Audry JB Batiste

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Audry Batiste is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor.
NAPFA is the country's leading association of Fee Only Financial Planners.
What is "Fee Only Financial Planning," and why is it important?

I didn’t set out to become a financial planner. After graduating high school, I wanted to become a CPA so I majored in Accounting at the University of Detroit. One year later, I enlisted in the Army (two reasons why) after the 1st Gulf War. After completing my basic training, I spent the next eight years in Germany, where my life would unfold. I was 22 when I started investing; I was excited and proud. I questioned the high commissioned investment and insurance products, but my salesman convinced me it was the cost of doing business. I continued to work toward my bachelor’s degree, and I enrolled in a few investment and tax courses as electives to gain some technical knowledge. I decided to make the military a career as an officer, and once accepted, I left Germany on 9-9-99 en route to the US Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA. I earned my jump wings too.

Early in my military career, I didn’t always make sound financial decisions, but I was frugal and had the best of intentions. With experience and as a former NCO and a young Company Grade Officer, I had responsibilities that extended beyond my own family. As a leader, I was responsible for the welfare of my Soldiers and Airmen, including their families; and I witnessed many hardships, often times self-induced. There were times I advised my subordinates, peers, and even my superiors on all of their financial questions. It was then, that I realized that I loved helping people make sound decisions with their money. At the time, I didn't believe that a financial advisor existed who could truly provide objective, unbiased advice with their money questions, so I set out to become a CFP®.
While balancing my family and military career, I completed my MBA and then started taking my CFP® classes. I also worked with a major tax firm as a tax advisor, and on occasion assisted clients with tax planning, retirement planning and basic investment education (I wasn’t licensed to give investment advice). I have witnessed first-hand and through the shared experiences of my fellow officers and subordinates, that most investment choices presented to military members were loaded with high commissions or surrender charges. Addressing an apparent need, I found my "calling" as a fee-only financial planner. I knew that becoming an independent, fee-only financial planner would allow me to best serve the needs and interests of military members, veterans and their families. I’ve motivated many people onto a path to financial freedom.