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The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country's leading association of fee-only and fiduciary financial planners.

Richard Carroll is a Colorado Springs, CO Fee-Only Financial Planner serving Colorado Springs and all surrounding areas. First Ascent Financial, LLC specializes in providing objective financial planning to help clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets through life's transitions. Richard Carroll is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional.

Hi I am Rich Carroll, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I help Military Officers and their families take command of their finances. Do you feel stuck trying to figure out what is next beyond sending part of your paycheck to a savings account? We work together to organize your financial life, set goals based on what you value most, and save/invest for the future. You will have confidence knowing that you are making proactive financial decisions beyond sending money to a savings account.

Why Military Officers?
Military life is already stressful enough. You have crazy mixture of structure and unpredictability that is apart of your everyday life. You also have unique financial questions like:
-Should we save for retirement in the TSP or a Roth IRA?
-Should we buy, rent, or live on base?
-Should we use the GI Bill for me or one of my kids?
-How much should we spend on our next car?
-Should we rent or sell our house next time we PCS?
-How much do I need to make as a civilian to replace my military pay and benefits?

Ever since I started my career in Personal Finance in 2011, I have guided military members and their families through these types of questions. My passion for helping servicemen and women with their finances flows from hearing their unique stories. Sometimes the stories are of travel and adventure around the world. Sometimes the stories are about the discovery of a local restaurant or hidden outdoor treasure in a less than favorable station. Other times the stories are of sacrifices big and small associated with serving our country. Every journey is unique and I look forward to hearing your story.

My Journey
After finishing college at Texas Tech University, I moved to Colorado to escape the Texas heat and take advantage of the endless adventures the Rockies provide. I now live in beautiful Colorado Springs with my wife and young daughter. We love being outside and can’t wait to get our little one on a bike!


Why does First Ascent Financial work with military officers?

Military life is stressful. Everyday life demands balancing a crazy mixture of structure and unpredictability.

Making time for duty, career and family – it’s more than understandable that you might not have time to figure out the answers to financial questions like:

  • Should we save for retirement in the TSP or a Roth IRA?
  • Should we buy, rent or live on base?
  • Should we use the GI Bill for me or one of my kids?
  • How much should we spend on our next car?
  • Should we rent or sell our house next time we PCS?
  • How much do I need to make as a civilian to replace my military pay and benefits?

How can First Ascent Financial help me?

There are two ways I can help you:

First, our financial planning process will enable you to make proactive financial decisions.

Second, you will experience peace-of-mind knowing that you have a professional managing your assets.

How is First Ascent Financial is Different?

An Independent and Virtual Business Structure

My independence means there is no pressure to use a specific solution over another. I have the freedom to recommend the best solutions for my clients.

Also, from meeting via video conference to opening accounts electronically, I will use technology to streamline your experience. That gives me more flexibility to adapt to your busy schedule.

Simple, Consistent Compensation
I keep things simple for you, working off one affordable monthly fee for both Financial Planning and Investment management.

There are no commissions. There is no calculating a percentage of assets managed. You always know exactly how much you are paying your financial advisor.

Reach your goals sooner by keeping more of your dollars invested and decreasing “fee-drag” on your returns. Most clients pay our fees out of their cash flow instead of from their investment returns.