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Fee-Only Financial Planner with offices in Jacksonville, FL and Columbus, OH serving clients across the country regardless of location. It's Scott's mission to ensure that the stress of paying for col


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Fee-Only & Fiduciary

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country's leading association of fee-only and fiduciary financial planners.

Scott Snider is a Fee-Only Financial Planner serving the Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL areas and works with clients across the country regardless of location. Scott is the founder and owner of Mellen Money Management.

Mellen Money Management's services include investment management and comprehensive financial planning, with an emphasis on helping clients quantify and understand the financial impact of key life events. In addition, Scott specializes in helping young professionals and families navigate the confusing maze of college tuition, financial aid, and student loans

Scott Snider is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional.


Aside from his wife, daughter, family, and friends... Helping clients simplify the complexities of their personal finances in a meaningful way is what drives Scott and his business. Ever since he witnessed the stressful effect the dot-com market crash had on home life as a kid, Scott knew there was a place for him in the financial services industry. He was confident in his ability to help other families avoid the same financial regrets his Dad and Mom suffered. After completing his BS in Finance at Miami University in 2006, Scott hasn't looked back and has been giving sound financial advice to clients ever since. 

Scott originally started Mellen Money Management with the purpose of providing conflict-free advice, and emphasize the impact major life transitions have on household finances. However, Scott's desire to help a group desperate for good advice compelled him to offer a service that is lacking in the financial planning industry -- student loan and college affordability advice. Our country is currently saddled with $1.4-trillion in student loans. Unfortunately, it's an elephant in the room most of us have ignored way too long. Rather than bury his head in the sand, Scott made a conscious decision to help young professionals and families manage the cost of college. For most, the cost of a higher education is competing with other financial priorities, and juggling all those pieces is a daunting task for anyone that is unprepared. Everyday problems like saving enough for retirement, having money set aside for a rainy day, buying a house, selecting the right healthcare plan, etc.

To put this issue into perspective, the amount of money required to pay off student loans, especially for professional degrees in Medicine and Law, is often more of a burden to a young professional's budget than their mortgage payment. When Scott realized the harsh reality his generation is facing, it dawned on him, why aren't more financial advisors offering a comprehensive service that is the root of the problem for the modern day professional? Shouldn’t there be an expert helping families get in front of this issue with a well-thought-out plan? This is how Mellen Money Management got started. With proper guidance, student loan borrowers and parents with college-bound kids gain the assurance necessary in order to maximize their financial resources across the board.



Mellen Money Management is an independent fee-only financial planning firm specializing in college-specific consulting and student loan repayment advice. We have spent our careers learning the world of personal finance inside and out and are here to help a new generation plan for their future and the future of their growing families. Our focus is on helping clients manage and optimize key milestone events to enhance their overall financial health. More specifically we help families and young professionals balance the burden of paying for college while accomplishing other financial goals, thereby allowing our clients to live the life they want. We emphasize college planning more than other planning firms because today's tuition costs make it equally as important to plan for as retirement.

The firm was named after Scott's grandparents, who helped pave his way to an affordable college education. Without their generosity, Scott would have been stuck climbing out of student debt like many young professionals are today. Scott's grandparents' lifetime of generosity has inspired and shaped this organization, and, hoping to follow in their footsteps, Scott is working to make the cost of higher learning easier to manage. 


A fee-only fiduciary is held to a higher standard of putting their client's best interests first. What this means is Mellen Money Management does not "sell" a product to generate a commission or hit a monthly quota. In addition, any conflicts of interest must be disclosed. The fee you pay is just that, a transparent way of doing business. In other words, our clients have a trusted advisor they can confidently rely upon to do the right thing. Furthermore, prospective clients can rest assured in knowing they get the opportunity to receive an objective second opinion.