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Providing fee-only financial planning and investment management services in Colorado Springs, Denver and nationally


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Fee-Only & Fiduciary

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country's leading association of fee-only and fiduciary financial planners.

Todd Smith is a fee-only financial planner located in Colorado Springs serving the greater Denver area and clients across the country. Level 5 Financial, LLC specializes in providing objective financial planning to help clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets through life's transitions. Todd Smith is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional.

Hi, I am Todd Smith, CFP the founding member and President of Level 5 Financial. I am a Certified Financial PlannerTM and coach who has been working with business owners, families and retirees from all walks of life since 1997. I enjoy creating expert financial solutions for challenging financial problems and have been fortunate enough to have both solid Corporate experience in addition to working for small, closely held business and running my own firm. My expertise has been built on my experiences ranging from a Corporate trainer, large 401(k) administrator, and financial planner. This varied background not only enables me to relate to young(ish) professionals, business owners, and retirees – chances are I have been there or seen it! – but also provides broad problem solving capabilities when it comes to helping clients achieve the financial goals they hold most dear.


Holistic Financial Planning & Coaching For All of Your Most Valued Financial-life Questions


  • Already Retired

    You’re already retired or highly focused on securing your retirement and financial-life dreams.

  • Open Enrollment

    It’s open enrollment time, but you’re unsure which options are best for your situation.

  • Allocating Bonuses

    You got a bonus at work and aren’t sure if you should pay down debt like student loans/credit cards/mortgage, invest the money, or finally take that much needed vacation!

  • Major Life Change

    You’re experiencing a major life change (marriage/divorce, new job/retirement, a new baby, a new career/business).

  • Insurance Questions

    You last reviewed your insurance when you got the policies years ago. Every time you see those GEICO ads you wonder if you, too should be saving 15% or more. You wonder if you have the right kind and amount of insurance.

  • Company Retirement Plans

    You want to enroll in your company retirement plan or, as a business owner, create your own, but aren’t sure about where to start, how much to contribute, and what to invest in (oh, the options!) You want to enroll in your company retirement plan but aren’t sure how to much to contribute or what to invest in (oh, the options!).

  • College Saving Plans

    You just had a baby (or more than one!) and want to start a college savings plan (maybe!), but don’t know where to start.

  • Life Versus Finical Worries

    You would rather travel, spend time with family, and enjoy your passions instead of worrying about financial matters.

  • Your Financial Planner

    You want to work with a financial planner and advocate who works from an entirely different perspective…YOURS

Then…. Welcome to an inspiring fiduciary relationship with a fee-only, virtual comprehensive financial coaching, planning, and investment management firm focused on serving young(ish) professionals, families, and entrepreneurs.

What does that mean?

We are only paid by you for the advice we provide and never because of any products we may sell or the corporate agenda of some bank or Wall Street firm. As a young(ish) professionals, parents, and business owners ourselves, we understand the pressures you are facing. Together, through the financial planning process, we will work towards a life that makes you happy, enriched, and fulfilled regardless of competing demands from your family and career – a meaningful life that balances both, alleviated from money worries and elevates your life to your best, highest level.

Choose a financial partner and advocate to help steer you in the right direction – all you have to do is dream…