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Fee-Only Financial Planner located in Hudson, OH and serving the entire northeast Ohio region and clients across the country


  • Fee-Only Financial Planning
  • Financial Review
  • Hourly Fee Consultations
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Services
  • College Education Planning
  • 401(k) and IRAs
  • Business Planning
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1780 Stoney Hill Dr. STE D3
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Fee-Only & Fiduciary

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country's leading association of fee-only and fiduciary financial planners.

Trace Tisler is a Hudson, OH Fee-Only Financial Planner serving the entire northeast Ohio area including Akron, Aurora, and Chagrin Falls.  Epic Financial specializes in providing objective financial planning to help clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets through life's transitions. Trace Tisler is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional.
The Professional Side

Trace Tisler, CFP® has been providing financial planning and investment advice before the iPhone was a glimmer in Steve Job’s eye.

After a short stint in the non-profit world, Trace joined a nationally recognized wealth management firm. He started as a financial analyst and worked his way up and, upon securing the Certified Financial Planner designation, was promoted to Director of Wealth Management at the age of 27.  As such, he was in charge of leading the firm’s financial planning processes and overseeing the investments of the firm’s multi-million dollar clients.

Trace started Epic Financial because he saw a need: most advisors wouldn’t work with those who didn’t have the existing multi-million dollar portfolio needed to meet the company’s minimum investment levels.

“It was interesting working with wealthy people. I learned a lot about what makes someone successful. I realized that I preferred helping people on the path to becoming successful as opposed to holding the hand of the already wealthy. I found that the “average Joe” and members of today’s younger generations have so much potential, but when they have questions or need a bit of help, no one is there. Too many are being overlooked and I was compelled to do something about it.”

The Personal Side

I’m not your typical suit-and-tie guy. I’m an outdoorsman at heart with serious hillbilly tendencies. If it’s the weekend, you’ll find me outside. I like to hunt and fly fish. I’m not particularly good at either, but I’ve had some epic trips doing both. In the spring I enjoy helping my friend Dan with the maple syrup operation at Reeves Farm. I’m building my old man library of stories that will last a lifetime.
Epic Financial, LLC  is a fee only financial planning firm. We provide financial planning and investment management services to individuals, couples, and families.

Our typical clients tend to be professionals, entrepreneurs and hard workers who want to make sure they’re taking the right steps toward financially secure futures. They tend to be pretty “down with it” when it comes to finances, but they know there are things they may be missing and want someone to provide a second opinion.

We do not earn sales commissions, referral fees, or kickbacks of any kind.

Gen X to Gen Y
We have experience working with those just getting started to those just starting to think about retirement.

Our typical clients tend to be professionals, entrepreneurs and hard workers who want to make sure they’re taking the right steps toward financially secure futures.

That’s the beauty of Epic Financial:  there are no minimums for those just starting out and no sales bull for those already on their way. Just sound advice without the sales.
Focused on Financial Planning
Financial planning and investment management are often used interchangeably. But, selecting appropriate investments is only one part of becoming successful. We believe doing the right thing with your money is not exclusive to which investments you should use.

We provide comprehensive financial planning, which can include services such as: cash flow, retirement planning, debt management, estate planning, insurance planning, tax planning, mortgage analysis, career planning, and investment management.
Priced For You
Our monthly retainer service model we can provide the type ongoing financial planning, advice, and management you are looking for without the need for a million dollars or having to buy something. We committed to offering services that fit you.

Our goal is to help you become financially successful and plan for the future life you want. We pay for our lives on a monthly basis, so why wouldn’t you pay for your financial planner monthly?
We’ve been providing financial advice for nearly a decade to clients from diverse backgrounds.

We know a lot, but the most important thing experience teaches, is that we can’t know it all. We are dedicated to continually learning and building relationships with other professional experts so our clients get the best advice possible.

Credentialed – CFP®
The CFP® designation is the recognized standard of excellence for advisors providing competent and ethical personal financial planning. In order to obtain the CFP® designation an advisor must:
  • Possess a college degree
  • Complete CFP® specific course work
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience
  • Pass a comprehensive exam
  • Maintain continuing education credits
  • Adhere to strict ethics requirements
We are Fee-only which means we do not earn commissions, referral fees, or kickbacks of any kind. These hidden under-the-table type payments breed conflict of interest between advisors and clients. The only compensation we receive for our services is directly from you. We never sell any kind of investment or insurance product.

A big word with big meaning. Our clients deserve a financial advisor that is fully committed to doing what is in their best interest. Our status as registered investment advisor requires that we put your interest ahead of our own. Other investment brokers or insurance sales people are only required to provide “suitable” options.

In other words, we treat you like we’d treat our mom and dad.

You probably wouldn’t go to a doctor or lawyer that wasn’t working in your best interest. Why would you choose a financial advisor differently?  Rest assured we are working in your best interest, not just trying to sell you a product that earns them the largest commission.

We Work Virtually
We know how annoying it can be to take time off work or use vacation days for appointments. It’s not always convenient and we know you’d rather use your vacation doing something fun. By providing our services virtually, you can receive advice in an efficient and convenient way.

We also work with clients locally and across the country. Whether you’re next door or across time zones we’ve got you covered.