FeeOnlyNetwork.com is Different By Design

The internet steers consumers toward the 98% of financial advisors that serve clients under a non-fiduciary standard (where advice may not be in your best interest), or to advisors that favor selling investment products like annuities and life insurance for a commission over providing true financial planning.

Our Mission

FeeOnlyNetwork.com elevates the visibility of fee-only financial advisors, individually and collectively.  Fee-Only advisors are ONLY compensated by the client and NEVER make commission by selling financial products, or receiving kickbacks from brokerage firms.  Our platform gives consumers easy access to profiles of vetted financial advisors working under a transparent fee structure with a legal obligation to provide unbiased financial advice. No sales.  Period.

It's What We DO NOT Do That Makes Us Different

At quick glance, an individual searching online for an advisor may compare FeeOnlyNetwork.com to other find-an-advisor sites. We operate quite differently from those sites.

We do not aspire to become a "Match.com" or "Yelp.com" for financial advisors.  These business models create a bias towards firms willing or able to focus their resources on a sophisticated sales process. In fact, we recommend you avoid "advisor matching" sites that collect and sell your information in your quest to find a financial advisor.

We do not sell visitor data, without exception.  Never have and never will.  Matching services like SmartAsset and WiserAdvisor will collect and sell your personal information to multiple financial firms for hundreds of dollars.

We do not assign a rating to advisors or allow the public to rate or comment on members.

We do not create proprietary "certifications", badges, or awards that subjectively enhance members' reputation.

We do not use slick retargeting ads that follow you to other websites after visiting FeeOnlyNetwork.com.

We do not sell advertisements for consumer products or services.

Exclusive to Fee-Only Advisors and Firms

Gaining a listing on FeeOnlyNetwork.com is exclusive to fee only advisors and firms that have been vetted by at least one of our association partners (NAPFA, XY Planning Network, Garrett Planning Network, or Alliance of Comprehensive Planners).

Qualified fee-only financial advisors pay a flat annual fee for an enhanced listing and profile that organizes information validating their credibility, expertise, and legal commitment to act as a fiduciary under a fee-only compensation model.  Our unique advisor profile and content aggregation system makes fee-only financial advisors more visible across multiple online channels.  This creates a shift in the information that consumers find, ultimately educating them on the importance of advisor compensation and steering them to a fiduciary fee-only advisor over broker-dealers, advisor representatives, or sales people masquerading as financial planners.

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