About FeeOnlyNetwork.com

At FeeOnlyNetwork.com, we embrace this lofty ideal:

The only financial advisor who can truly provide unbiased and objective financial advice, financial planning and investment management is an independent financial advisor (Registered Investment Advisor) operating under a strict fee-only compensation model, as defined by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

FeeOnlyNetwork.com Serves Three Groups of Constituents

The General Public, Collectively

  • Working with a Registered Investment Advisor who meets NAPFA’s strict education, compensation and ethics standards is the best way to receive true fiduciary care
  • Every advisor you will find on FeeOnlyNetwork.com meets NAPFA’s strict and unwavering standards

We strive to remove the confusion from topics such as:

  • Advisor compensation
  • Fee-only versus fee-based
  • The fiduciary standard
  • The value of working with an advisor

Fee-Only Advisors, Individually

  • Fee-OnlyNetwork.com becomes an enduring and powerful marketing tool that builds long-term personal brand equity
  • It is the ultimate marketing asset for true fiduciary financial advisors that will improve search engine visibility and online reputation for the individual and their firm
  • Our methodology brings greater awareness to all information that demonstrates credibility, expertise and industry participation

Fee-Only Advisors, Collectively

  • FeeOnlyNetwork.com works for the greater good of the industry by amplifying the messages of the organizations that champion the fee-only advisor and fiduciary standard – The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), XY Planning Network, Garrett Planning Network, Alliance of Comprehensive Planners
  • We harnesses the power of the Internet by aggregating, organizing, and connecting thousands of relevant web pages – all about individual fee-only advisors, their fee-only and fiduciary affiliations, reputational assets, social media, and influence within the industry
  • Professionally designed educational content and curated cross-linking increases public awareness of why “fee-only” matters when choosing a financial advisory firm

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