You Need a Trusted Financial Advisor,

Not A Sales Professional.

Fee-Only is the Difference.™

Fee-Only financial advisors never sell investments or make commission.

They work only for you - not a broker, bank, or insurance company.


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Real Financial Planning by Real People, Working Only for You.

Fee-Only financial advisors are small business owners, shareholders, and employees compensated for their time and expertise in comprehensive financial planning and investment management. They are not representatives of brokerage firms or insurance companies, and never make commission or kickbacks. Fee-Only advisors work only for you under a crystal clear fee structure and fiduciary oath.

Every Financial Advisor on Has Been Verified as:


No insurance or annuity sales. Period. Fee-Only advisors are paid only by you, the client, and never make commission.


Under oath and law to put your best interest first at all times. This is the highest legal and ethical standard for financial advisors.


Not affiliated with any life insurance company, annuity product, bank, or brokerage house.

Ask your financial advisor: Are you Fee-Only? If their answer is anything but a resounding "YES!" then you may be working with a salesperson out to make a commission.

"Of the roughly 285,000 professionals in the U.S. who offer clients financial advice, fewer than 2% are fee-only advisors who follow a true fiduciary standard that prohibits commissions on products recommended to clients and legally requires the advisers to always put their clients’ interests first."

Excerpt from this Wall Street Journal article.

"When you hire a fee-only fiduciary investment adviser to manage your investments, develop a financial plan, or both, you alone are paying a financial professional who is legally and professionally committed to acting solely in your best interests — otherwise known as the fiduciary standard. They don’t get paid by investment or insurance companies to sell their products."

Excerpt from this Kiplinger article.

"Fee-only financial planners are registered investment advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients' best interest. They do not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales. Fee-only advisors have fewer inherent conflicts of interest, and they generally provide more comprehensive advice."

Excerpt from this Forbes article.

“The time I want somebody to hire a commissioned salesperson or a traditional stockbroker to handle their investments is never, never, never, not ever,” Clark says.
“The danger to you is so great when you hire someone who’s not a fiduciary, who’s not legally bound to put your interests first, that it’s like going in reverse with investing.”

Excerpt from this article.

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