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There is no doubt has revolutionized the visibility and status of Fee-Only financial advisors and led members to a larger online footprint through one of the most comprehensive and visible websites on the internet.  We are now building upon that success and proud to launch our shiny new website with updated branding, a cleaner design and new features to help raise your visibility – individually and collectively.  This is only the beginning.  Our new technology platform will allow rapid feature development with many new enhancements already in the works.  We can’t wait to show you what we have been up to!

With appreciation for your patience and support,

Allan Slider

Founder of

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New and Upcoming Features:

  • Improved profile design to better showcase your credibility and expertise
  • Contact form on profile for visitor engagement
  • New educational video, “Fee-Only, Fiduciary, Independent”.  Learn How to Customize The Video
  • Embed unlimited videos
  • Improved on-site and off-site search engine optimization strategy
  • New blog for fresh marketing ideas from us and industry experts
  • Original educational content written specifically for consumers to understand the advantages of working with a fee-only advisor
  • Access to profile and site analytics (coming in Q2)
  • Zipcode lookup and specialties filter (coming in Q2)

Things that Stay the Same:

  • Listing is exclusive to financial advisors that meet NAPFA’s high standards
  • Your profile page will remain one of the most visible and comprehensive pages about you on the internet
  • Our accessible and expert member support team
  • Our strong partnership with NAPFA, with a renewed enthusiasm and more resources to further their objectives

Not Just Another Online Profile:

Membership Reserved for Fee-Only Financial Advisors Meeting NAPFA Standards

Only financial advisors that serve clients under a strict fee-only compensation model as defined by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors are listed on

Career Long Marketing Asset

Create an enduring and powerful marketing tool that builds long-term personal brand equity as your fee-only career evolves.  Your profile is designed to be promoted just like a website or social profile, and belongs to you – not to an association or specific firm.

Grow Your Online Footprint in Search Engines and Beyond

Our proven content and keyword linking strategy can boost the search engine visibility of your firm’s website, and any web page that demonstrate your credibility and expertise like articles, media mentions, social media, association profiles, press releases, community involvement, and more.  Our experts will find, organize, and strategically connect this information in a powerful way.

Be a Part of Something Greater

Your online reputation assets (articles, media mentions, social media, association profiles, press releases and more) are part of a network of more than 15,000 linked web pages all about NAPFA members and fee-only advisors.  This has a powerful effect on search results across tens-of-thousands of keywords that raises the visibility of every profile, linked web site, individual reputation assets, and the organizations that champion the fee-only model and highest fiduciary standards.

You may have questions…

The fee you have always paid for will not change.  Your renewal date will also remain the same.  About a week before your next renewal, you will receive an email notification, followed by another email with an invoice that you can click to pay.  The invoice will reference our legal business name (Advisorology, LLC) and the invoice line item will be for

Yes!  We understand that “fee only” is the top differentiation in your marketing strategy.   We want to reinforce that through our brand, and educate the public on the factors that are critical when choosing a financial advisor.

Absolutely!  NAPFA remains our most valuable partnership and we now have more resources to amplify their message, contribute to their growth, and make your NAPFA affiliation more valuable than ever.  In fact, we will making a joint announcement in the near future about the renewal of our partnership and plans.


Membership is, and will remain, exclusive to advisors that are fee-only as defined by NAPFA’s standard.  Review it here.

Membership in FeeOnlyNetwork is currently exclusive to NAPFA members.  We are working to expand membership to advisors affiliated with XY Planning Network, Garrett Planning Network and The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners – all fee-only organizations with membership policies that meet NAPFA’s standard and with the majority of their members already NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors.

This is just the beginning. . .

  • New video on every profile entitled, “Fee-Only, Fiduciary, Independent”.  And the option to customize it with your brand for use outside of your profile.  Learn More.
  • Contact form on profile for visitor engagement
  • Embed unlimited videos (from Youtube) on a “View Our Videos” tab
  • Zipcode lookup and specialties filters (coming soon).
  • Our blog with marketing insights and regular articles from industry experts
  • Expanded explanations of your credentials and affiliations
  • Improved linking strategy to raise the visibility of all linked reputation assets across all members (currently over 15,000 links)
  • Many behind-the-scene platform improvements that will allow for rapid development of new features based on YOUR feedback
  • And more to come


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